Lacey Hopkins, PCC

Lacey Hopkins Coaching and Accomplishment Coaching

After nearly a decade working in People Development for organizations, Lacey now runs Lacey Hopkins Coaching, an entrepreneurial coaching firm based in Washington, DC. Her firm supports employees and employers in creating results from igniting their passions, creativity, and drive.   

Lacey works with employees, managers, and entrepreneurs alike. Her assertion that anyone can have the career and life that they choose, and that being passionate about what we do for a living is what leads to sustainable happiness in life.

She works with all generations, but has a specialty in Millennials--looking at their role in the workforce and teams, challenges specifically to women Millennials, and how this new generation is changing how businesses run. 

In addition to coaching her clients, Lacey is also a trainer for new coaches through the Accomplishment Coaching Coaches’ Training Program. She’s responsible for new coach development as well as training and leading the graduate-level mentor coaching program. 

In her personal life, she uses her team and leadership experience in her volunteer work. She is on the community committee at Grace Community Church and she is former National Committee Member for Ladies America.

She holds a BS in Science Communication from Winthrop University, a Masters in Science and Technical Communication from Miami University, and is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF).