Maia Kennedy

communications intern

Maia Kennedy is a rising sophomore, employee, and research assistant at Wake Forest University.  She is an active member in cabinet of Student Government, Yearbook, and FBLA.  She is especially passionate about the freedom of speech on college campuses and hopes to to act as a voice for those who do not have one.  She is an advocate for a diversity of ideas, respectful engagement, and open-mindedness.

Maia, from Huntsville, Alabama, is a former senior company dancer with Alabama Youth Ballet and serves on the executive board for the Alabama State Arts Council.  She is also a founding member of the Alabama Junior Arts Leadership Council, a Distinguished Young Woman award recipient, and published writer.  Maia takes pride in her Mexican-American heritage and holds a strong command of the Spanish language which proves useful in her volunteer work with minority communities. At Wake Forest, she is aspiring to major in Business and Enterprise Management and minor in Spanish.