Gwinnett legislator to co-lead millennial caucus in General Assembly

Political Notebook: Gwinnett legislator to co-lead millennial caucus in General Assembly


One of Gwinnett’s legislators is co-leading a new bipartisan group aimed at representing the interests of millennials in the state legislature .

Rep. Dar’Shun Kendrick, D-Lithonia, and Rep. Michael Caldwell, R-Woodstock, announced the creation of the Georgia Future Caucus on Wednesday. The caucus’ main work will be pushing legislation that affects people under 40.

“I look forward to working with this new caucus to use innovative thinking to seek new and bipartisan solutions to the problems in Georgia,” Kendrick said in a statement.

Georgia is the 17th state to create such a legislative group as part of the Millennial Action Project, which supports young legislators with the goal of fostering bipartisan partnerships and creating progress. That idea might seem rare in a climate of increasingly partisan politics, particularly at the national level.

“Millennials won’t stand for politics as usual and are showing other lawmakers that it’s not only possible, but beneficial, to cooperate across party lines,” said Millennial Action Project president and co-founder Steven Olikara said in a statement.

“I’m thrilled that leaders like Reps. Kendrick and Caldwell are working together to guarantee that the issues all millennials in Georgia care about are a priority this session.”

Caldwell added, “Georgia’s Future Caucus embodies a principle that I’ve always held dear: partisanship should never stand in the way of good policy. I look forward to partnering with young legislators on both sides of the aisle to find bipartisan legislation that is good for Georgians.”

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Can millennial lawmakers close political divide?

Opinion: "Anderson is a Democrat, and Barker is a Republican. Some may say the audacity of the two and others in the Legislature who have joined the  Mississippi Future Caucus to think they can change government for the better. I say more power to them.

The news release said they join the Millennial Action Project’s national movement of young elected officials breaking through partisan gridlock to reestablish political cooperation and create meaningful progress through government institutions.

I don’t know if this group will be successful, but it’s refreshing to see the younger generation of politicians wanting to work together across the political spectrum to try to do what is in the best interest of our state.

I have often said we need to move away from the gridlock of partisan politics if we want real progress.

There are some politicians who have a legitimate interest in doing what is right, but the vast majority of politicians of today show little or no vision or real leadership on issues. They too often come with a partisan political agenda or seeking glory for themselves.

Millennials, such as Anderson and Barker, could be the key to changing our society for the better if they are truly committed to making a difference.

We know the bipartisan group of lawmakers under the age of 40 won’t agree on everything, but sitting down and listening to each other will be a start. It would be a great idea for politicians of all ages and party affiliation to start a dialogue.

I’m not dismissing the older generation of politicians who paved the way for the younger generation, but we must look to the future for a new generation of political leaders, especially those not afraid to step out and vote against their own party agenda if it isn’t advancing the state.

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Millennial Mississippi Legislators Announce First-Ever Bipartisan Caucus to Tackle Issues Millennials Care About 

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Millennial Mississippi Legislators Announce First-Ever Bipartisan Caucus to Tackle Issues Millennials Care About

New Caucus Will Represent the Legislative Priorities of the Hundreds of Thousands of Millennials Living in Mississippi

(JACKSON, MS) Today, Representatives Jeramey Anderson (D-110) and Toby Barker (R-102) announced the creation of the bipartisan Mississippi State Future Caucus, a brand-new caucus comprised of state legislators under age 40. With more than half of millennials believing they don’t have a say in how government operates, this new caucus will be a voice for the hundreds of thousands of millennials living in Mississippi. Anderson and Barker join the Millennial Action Project’s national effort to support young elected officials who are working to break through the partisan gridlock and reestablish political cooperation on issues that millennials care about, from redistricting to technology to the economy. Millennial Action Project has worked with more than 300 state legislators in 15 states, including Texas, Nebraska, and California.

“By uniting behind generational issues, rather than instead of just party affiliation, millennials leaders can change the game and build meaningful, nonpartisan change,” said Steven Olikara, Co-Founder and President of Millennial Action Project. “I’m thrilled that millennial leaders like Anderson and Barker are taking the lead in Mississippi to ensure that the issues millennials care about are a priority.”

"In today’s society bipartisanship isn’t an option anymore - it is a requirement if we are to effectively confront the real crises facing not only our state but the nation as well.  We’re leading the effort in our State to break through partisan gridlock to reestablish political cooperation, and I’m honored to serve as the Co-Chair for the Mississippi Future Caucus,” said Rep. Anderson.

“Millennials think about the legislative process in a different way: we engage with each other and have discussions even if we disagree,” said Rep. Toby Barker. “The Mississippi Future Caucus will be a place where young lawmakers come together and tackle serious issues that those of us in the younger generation actually agree on.”

Future Caucus members are working throughout the country on issues that millennials care about, emphasizing putting an end to political gridlock. For example, last week Future Caucus member Representative Frank LaRose (R-Ohio) introduced a bill to reform the redistricting process.

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The Millennial Action Project (MAP) is a national, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to activating young policymakers to bridge the partisan divide and lead a new era of collaborative governance. In 2013, MAP organized America’s first-ever bipartisan caucus for young members of Congress, the Congressional Future Caucus. Shaping the next generation of leadership, MAP's Future Caucus Network has expanded into fifteen state legislatures and grown into the largest nonpartisan organization of millennial elected officials in the U.S. More info available at: