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Across the Red and Blue Divide: You Voted– Now What?

On November 13th, MAP partnered with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WUWM 89.7 FM - Milwaukee's NPR, and the Zeidler Center for Public Discussion for 'You Voted–Now What?' a community event.

The event took place in downtown Milwaukee and included a panel discussion and small group discussion circles. Panelists included Wisconsin Future Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Amanda Stuck (D) and Rep. Adam Neylon (R), and Molly Beck, Politics Reporter with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


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Bridging the red and blue divide: Despite the rhetoric, it can still be done. Here's how.

A few days before the midterm elections - and just hours after a man was arrested on suspicion of sending pipe bombs to leading Democrats - President Donald Trump called on Americans to adopt a new "tone and civility" in politics. ... And then the president once again attacked reporters as his supporters chanted "CNN sucks."