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Virginia Delegates Form Bipartisan Future Caucus


On Wednesday, February 14, Representatives Christopher Peace (R-97) and Sam Rasoul (D-11) announced the creation of the Virginia Future Caucus. The two co-chairs were joined by other young elected officials and MAP staff at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond to launch the initiative.

The Caucus, comprised of thirty members of Virginia’s State Legislature under 45 years old, will focus on the main issues that face young Virginians.

As the 22nd caucus in MAP’s State Future Caucus Network, the Virginia Future Caucus will give members a place to share and experiment with new ideas, as well as examine issues important to millennials in Virginia like job creation and student debt.

Rep. Sam Rasoul announced two main goals for the caucus. The first, to socialize and build relationships amongst each other, will enable members to see past the dividing tribalism that has built up over time. The second goal is identifying opportunities for innovative policy solutions. Rep. Rasoul mentioned the gig economy and attracting and retaining talent as areas of common ground, and definable topics for the Virginia Future Caucus to work together in addressing.

In keeping with the caucus’ interest in retaining talent, Rep. Emily Brewer noted technology as a key opportunity to provide younger generations a chance to flourish and stay in Virginia.

A palpable sense of excitement touched every member in the freshly launch Virginia Future Caucus where, no doubt, working together will certainly be made easier due to their great rapport.

Perhaps Representative Chris Peace summed up the caucus’ intentions best by stating their hope to be the caretakers and reformers to re-engage younger generations and move Virginia forward.