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Arkansas Legislators Form Bipartisan Future Caucus

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On Thursday, December 14th, Representatives Warwick Sabin (D-33) and James Sturch (R-63) announced the creation of the Arkansas Future Caucus. The two co-chairs were joined by other young elected officials and MAP staff at the Clinton School of Public Service to launch the initiative.

The Caucus, comprised of the legislature's youngest members, will provide a platform for lawmakers to share ideas and coalesce around issues that affect young Arkansans.  

With the launch, Arkansas became the 20th state to join MAP’s national State Future Caucus Network.

"We’ve been building these Future Caucuses around the country to answer a very simple, but profound question facing our country,” said Steven Olikara, President and Co-Founder of the Millennial Action Project. “How is this next generation going to govern our country?”

Representative Sabin answered that question in his remarks. “The Millennial generation is the generation the least interested in partisanship. Representative Sturch and I come from different political parties, but we are both committed to solving problems and working together in a bipartisan fashion,” said Representative Sabin.

Representative Sturch echoed these thoughts, “The AR Future Caucus will bring a sense of unity to legislators under 45 -- we can come together and find innovative solutions to problems that young people face.”

The AR Future Caucus provides space for members to create their own agenda of issues important to young constituents including student loan debt, adult literacy rates, and teenage pregnancy. “We can come together to move this state and its young people forward,” said Representative Sturch.  

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