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Bipartisan Mental Health Conversation at the 2016 Remarkable Journeys Gala

On May 18, 2016, MAP President Steven Olikara sat down  to moderate a discussion between Senators Chris Murphy (D) and Bill Cassidy (R) at the 2016 Remarkable Journeys Gala, hosted by Green Door. The discussion focused on how policymakers can address citizens' mental health needs through innovative, bipartisan policymaking.

As an organization, Green Door is committed to "empower(ing) the lives of individuals and families through comprehensive treatment and support services." Achieving better mental health for all citizens is of particular concern to the Millennial Generation.

All photos © Tony Powell.

Learn more about the 2016 Remarkable Journeys Gala and Green Door at the link below:

Remarkable Journeys - Green Door

For sponsorships and tickets click . The 2016 Remarkable Journeys Gala marks our 40 th Anniversary. Green Door Behavioral Health aims to raise $650,000 to expand and strengthen our programs, as well as broaden our outreach to assist the vulnerable population we serve.