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Charlotte Talks: Millennials Run for Office

On Wednesday September 20th, Charlotte Talks Radio hosted North Carolina Representatives Chaz Beasley (D) and Kyle Hall (R), Pew Senior Researcher Alec Tyson, and Millennial Action Project Chief Operating Officer Layla Zaidane for a conversation on millennials and their impact on government and politics.

Representative Beasley shared his vision for millennial engagement in the North Carolina legislature:  action on issues  that are going to better millennials and the future generations, driven by fellow young legislators. Representative Hall agreed with Beasley, “I think our Founding Fathers envisioned there would be a guarantee of happiness, where no matter what you did in life, you had the same outcome. You can pursue your own happiness and with a good education good school you can make something of own life.” Both Reps. Beasley and Hall co-chair the North Carolina Future Caucus.

Throughout the discussion,  MAP COO Layla Zaidane offered an overview of MAP and concrete goals for the North Carolina State Caucus. “MAP started in D.C., working with Congress. We realized there is so much opportunity to work with legislators around the country and reach across the aisle. Now, we’re in 20 states across the country. Our goal is investing the next generation of leadership. Young people are not interested in being put in a partisan box.”  

Both Reps. Hall and Beasley shared the goals they want to see with the Future Caucus. “It is about giving a voice to millennials who haven’t had the opportunity to make a direct impact on government yet. Giving a voice to those who think differently or having different attitudes,” Rep. Hall explained. He added: “ I hope it gives us a space to negotiate and come up with concrete solutions that particularly affect millennials.”

Zaidane concluded with final thoughts, “What MAP is doing, is creating space to open up conversations with what is going to make things better for generations in the future. We shouldn't shy away from having tough conversations.”

Charlotte Talks: Millennials Run For Office / Rift Between Trump And CEOs

Younger faces are looking to influence Charlotte and North Carolina politics. Guest host Michael Bitzer talks with millennial politicians, then discusses a growing divide between the Trump White House and business leaders. PART ONE The Charlotte primary last week set the stage for a possible generational makeover on the City Council: millennials and others in their 30s could hold a near majority on the city council this fall.