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Millennials & the Economy feat. Future Caucus Reps. Moulton, Gallego, Yoder

  • Economic Innovation Group 616 H Street Northwest, Suite 550 Washington, DC 20001 United States (map)

EY and the Economic Innovation Group partnered with MAP to co-host a bipartisan discussion with Future Caucus members Reps. Moulton (D-MA), Gallego (D-AZ), and Yoder (R-KS) on millennials and the economy. The conversation commemorated the unveiling of results from a new national survey of millennials.

View the survey and the data below:

The Millennial Economy - Economic Innovation Group

We Asked Millennials About the Economy. Millennials are often painted as lazy and entitled, but the stereotype doesn't hold up upon closer scrutiny. Millennials value education and hard work, and they're willing to make sacrifices to get ahead.

Check out coverage of the survey from the Washington Post:

We expect millennials to do great things. Maybe we shouldn't.

We often think of millennials as the "start-up generation" - apt to jump from job to job in pursuit of the next cool technology or popular idea. In an article published on Mic on Monday, Hillary Clinton called millennials "the most open, diverse and entrepreneurial generation in our country's history."