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MAP Hosts E Pluribus Unum Lunch Series

Earlier this year, MAP launched a monthly working lunch series for staffers from Congressional Future Caucus members' offices to convene and collaborate on bipartisan policy ideas.

The lunch meetings, named the E Pluribus Unum series, is a unique opportunity for staff across the Future Caucus and across the aisle to exchange ideas and pitch legislation their offices are working on. It also serves as a reminder of the incredible work being done in offices across the caucus—and the power of young leaders to transcend partisan divides to create substantive policies that benefit Americans, not a political party.

In recent lunches, staff members have shared legislation and secured bipartisan support for policies addressing veterans, the environment, online political spending disclosure, national security, and gun safety.  

MAP looks forward to continuing this series throughout the year and providing members and their staff the space to build bridges and share ideas across the aisle.

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