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Presidency & Congress’ (CSPC) Presidential Fellows Conference

In April, MAP COO Layla Zaidane was interviewed in a fireside chat by former Congressman Glenn Nye as part of the Center for the Study of the Presidency & Congress’ (CSPC) Presidential Fellows Conference. Approximately 60 undergraduate fellows attended the discussion and asked questions in the Q&A portion which followed the chat.

Founded in 1965, the CSPC is a nonpartisan think-tank which encourages cooperation between congressional and presidential leaders in an effort to reach innovative solutions. They also strive to educate the next generation of leaders through their Fellows program, National Consortium for Character-Based Leadership, and Internship program. Glenn Nye currently serves as the President and CEO of the CSPC.

During the conversation with Congressman Nye and subsequent Q&A, Layla spoke about MAP, its founding story, and its current work. She also shared broader lessons learned from working as COO of a political nonprofit, from how to make a message break through a noisy political environment, to how to best work with coalitions and partner organizations. Layla closed with ways in which the Fellows can catalyze political change and become effective advocates, and shared practical advice about how the Fellows can prepare for careers in politics, while briefly covering career options.