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Wisconsin Legislators Form Bipartisan Future Caucus

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On Wednesday, September 20th, Representatives Adam Neylon (R-98) and Amanda Stuck (D- 57) announced the creation of the Wisconsin Future Caucus. The two co-chairs were joined by other young elected officials and MAP staff at the Wisconsin State Capitol to launch the initiative. The Caucus, comprised of the legislature's youngest members, will provide a platform for lawmakers to share ideas and coalesce around issues that affect young Wisconites.

The WI Future Caucus joins a nationwide movement now in nearly 20 statehouses across the country. Millennial legislators use future caucuses to find common ground and create meaningful progress through government institutions.

"There is a new generation of leaders taking the reigns of government, who are aspiring to our best ideas in public service, and able to bridge these divides that have kept us from making progress on so many issues," said Steven Olikara, President and Co-Founder of the Millennial Action Project.

“We hope to show that all of us working together can put aside the bickering and the partisanship that has taken a death grip on our state and so many places across our country, and show there are more areas where we agree, and can work together, than areas where we disagree,” said Representative Stuck.


Representative Neylon echoed these thoughts, "This is another vehicle where we can come together to work out differences. We’re not always going to agree on things, but there are certain issues that we can lead on.”

The WI Future Caucus provides space for members to create their own agenda of issues important to young constituents including  technology, ridesharing, small businesses, and more. “I think there are a lot of opportunities around entrepreneurship, we know we have a lot of young entrepreneurs in this state who are hungry for something like this,” said Representative Stuck.  

The evening prior to the announcement, caucus members came together for a networking reception to share ideas for the trajectory of their group.

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