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The Millennial Action Project is excited to announce the launch of the Millennial Action Staff Association (MASA). MASA will serve as a network of support and collaboration for staffers of Congressional Future Caucus members.

The network will:

  • Allow staffers to build relationships across geographic and ideological lines on the Hill, creating a sense of community and cohesiveness in pursuit of common goals

  • Create a space where staff can share experiences and insights as well as identify opportunities for partnership and collaboration

  • Connect staffers with leaders and experts from a wide range of fields and industries, deepening perspectives and broadening the knowledge base from which staffers work

Please contact Ayshia Connors at for more information.


Mike McCabe.jpeg

Michael McCabe

President, Millennial Action Staff Association | Legislative Assistant, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA)

Ayshia Connors.jpg

Ayshia Connors

Congressional Caucus Director, Millennial Action Project