Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Former U.S. Representative Carlos Curbelo, Named Among Most Bipartisan Lawmakers in 115th Congress

Millennial Action Project Congressional Future Caucus Former Co-Chairs Ranked in Top Ten of Lugar Center Bipartisan Index 

(Washington, D.C.) Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and former U.S. Representative Carlos Curbelo were named among the most bipartisan lawmakers in the 115th Congress. From 2017-2018, Sen. Sinema and Curbelo served as the co-chairs of the Millennial Action Project’s (MAP) Congressional Future Caucus (CFC), the first-ever bipartisan caucus for young members of Congress. Curbelo now serves on MAP’s bipartisan advisory board.

The Lugar Center and Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy produce a nonpartisan ranking of how often each Member of Congress works across party lines each year, known as the Bipartisan Index. The index takes into account how often members of opposite parties work together on bill sponsorship and co-sponsorship. For the 115th Congress, Sen. Sinema was ranked 7th among all members of the House, and Curbelo was ranked 9th.

“Sen. Sinema and Congressman Curbelo demonstrate what lawmakers can accomplish when they look past party labels and work together,” said Steven Olikara, Founder and President of Millennial Action Project. “As co-chairs of the Future Caucus, their leadership by example has been pivotal in inspiring their colleagues in the House to reach across the aisle.. At Millennial Action Project, we’re proud to work with hundreds of leaders like them committed to advancing bipartisan policies that improve the lives of all Americans.” 

While there has been a great deal of attention directed at dysfunction and gridlock in government, there is a counter-movement underway–led by Millennials–that seeks to disrupt the status quo in government. MAP works with over 800 young members of Congress and state legislatures across the country through the State Future Caucus Network to help them find common ground and chart a path of bipartisanship and cooperation in office.

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The Millennial Action Project (MAP) is a national, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to activating young policymakers to bridge the partisan divide and lead a new era of collaborative governance. In 2013, MAP organized America’s first-ever bipartisan caucus for young members of Congress, the Congressional Future Caucus. Shaping the next generation of leadership, MAP's Future Caucus Network has expanded into nearly 30 state legislatures and grown into the largest nonpartisan organization of millennial elected officials in the U.S. More info available at: