'Future Caucus' declares #GivingTuesday a Congressional Resolution

WASHINGTON, D.C. — With today being 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber Monday' coming after the weekend, representatives on Capitol Hill are trying to raise awareness about Giving Tuesday. 

"#GivingTuesday. Check it out," said Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI). 

In a move befitting of the Future Caucus, co-chairs Gabbard and Will Hurd (R-TX) called for the first Congressional Resolution with a hashtag in the name. 

"It's very important that we remember how important it is to give back," said Gabbard. "How important it is to kind of pause and reflect on the things that we're grateful for in our own lives and then see how we can pay that forward." 

The young duo says #GivingTuesday is meant to shine a light on the real meaning of the holiday season. 

Congressman Hurd says it's also a perfect time to recognize and give to organizations that never ask for anything in return. 

"We encourage people to donate to nonprofits," said Hurd. "Nonprofits and charitable organizations do a lot of stuff for our country, and these are people helping people." 

Gabbard says the idea behind #GivingTuesday should apply to everyday, but Hurd says if efforts can apply to one day in particular, that works just fine.

"We are one of the most charitable nations on the planet and people recognize that," said Hurd. "If we can try to focus everybody's efforts on one day and build awareness about the need of this, then we can." 

"Whether it's taking an hour off and going and helping in a community project, or if it's looking saying, 'Hey, maybe I've got some talents or ideas that I can put forward to deal with some of the bigger challenges that our community is facing,'" said Gabbard. 

To get involved with #GivingTuesday, you can join the movement on twitter or visit www.givingtuesday.org.