Hawaii Future Caucus Members Introduce Voter Registration Bill

Hawaii Future Caucus Co-Chairs Reps.  Takashi Ohno (D)  and  Beth Fukumoto (R)

Hawaii Future Caucus Co-Chairs Reps. Takashi Ohno (D) and Beth Fukumoto (R)

Rep. Beth Fukumoto (R) and Rep. Takashi Ohno (D), Co-Chairs of the Hawaii Future Caucus, introduced legislation that would automatically register Hawaii citizens to vote when they received a drivers license or civil identification card. This legislation reflects one of the Caucus' main priorities of increasing youth engagement in government by making it easier for young people to register. 

Only 44.5 percent of eligible voters turned out to the polls in Hawaii in 2012 — making the state have the lowest turnout rate in the nation— with a particularly low turnout among younger voters. The Hawaii Future Caucus hopes that bipartisan bills like these will increase the turnout rate and get young people involved in the political process. 

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