Lawmakers create bipartisan Illinois group to address state issues

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By Joseph Edwards Posted: Jan 15, 2016 4:26 PM EST

SPRINGFIELD (WREX) -State Representative Tom Demmer, a Republican from Dixon, joined with a Democratic colleague in order to build consensus on issues facing the state of Illinois.

Will Guzzardi, a Democratic Representative from Chicago, is teaming up with Demmer to form the bipartisan group, called the Illinois Future Caucus. Demmer says cooperation, not conflict, should be at the forefront in addressing the state's challenges.

"This isn't about saying we're all going to see the same way, see eye to eye or see the same perspective on every issue. Really what we're looking for here is to develop a relationship, so we can begin to have conversations," Demmer said.

Demmer and Guzzardi are co-chairs of the group. The Illinois Future Caucus will meet regularly in Springfield to discuss current issues in the state.