MA Millennial Engagement Initiative Co-Chairs - State Government Must Engage Millennials

State Representatives Ryan Fattman (R) and Eric Lesser (D), co-chairs of the Millennial Engagement Initiative, recently penned an op-ed in support of their work to bring more millennials into state policy conversations.

The piece calls on Massachusetts policymakers to better engage millennials by tapping into their "sense of service." Millennials, the co-chairs offer, "feel frustrated and disengaged from politics, at a time when their voice and participation in democracy is more important than ever."

Instead of telling millennials what government should do, our aim is to ask young people what they want it to do, and work to make that happen through the legislative process. The initiative held its first listening session in Springfield in February, and will be making stops across Massachusetts in the coming weeks and months.

These conversations are important because the needs of millennials, more often than not, reflect the needs of our Commonwealth as a whole. Whether it’s student debt, affordable housing, or the desire for a more efficient and transparent government, the issues most important to millennials are important to all of us.

To read the full op-ed, click on the link below.

State government must engage millennials: Guest viewpoint

The stakes could not be higher for our generation. Median income for young adults is the lowest since 1995. A difficult economy is exacerbated by the student debt crisis. In Massachusetts, average student debt has increased 75 percent over the past decade, to nearly $30,000.