MAP Joins Young Republican and Democrat In Calling For College Affordability

MAP Co-Founder and President Steven Olikara joined PA State Representatives Nick Miccarelli and Kevin Boyle in Philadelphia, PA as the legislators announced their plan to introduce a bi-partisan bill to freeze tuition rates at select Pennsylvania Public Universities. These universities, known as PASSHE schools, have seen a 70% increase in student debt for their students since 2004. The legislation, which will be introduced to the PA House of Representatives this fall, calls for a 5 year freeze on PASSHE school tuition, and no more than a 2% increase in the years following. As Steven Olikara noted, this is an "extraordinary effort to bring together Democrats and Republicans here in the State of Pennsylvania around a critical issue facing Millennials". Both Rep. Miccarelli and Rep. Boyle offered that the goal of their bill is to ensure that PA ends the tuition burden put on the Millennials living in their states.