Statement from Reps. Murphy & Curbelo: Omnibus' provision ending ban on federal research into gun violence an "important first step"

WASHINGTON—Representatives Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) and Carlos Curbelo (R-FL), Vice Chair and Co-Chair of the Congressional Future Caucus, released a statement this morning regarding after the passage of the omnibus, which contained Rep. Murphy’s bipartisan bill to repeal the decades-old provision restricting federally-sponsored gun violence research, of which Rep. Curbelo was the first Republican cosponsor:

“As young legislators from Florida—and leaders of the Future Caucus—we are heartened to see this movement of young Americans standing up to say ‘enough.’ Too often, young people are stereotyped as apathetic and politically disengaged. But the young people coming together to march in Florida, Washington, and around the country are proof that narrative is just plain false: they are as powerful a political force as any other generation in America’s history.

“They, better than most, know that change doesn't happen by itself—it happens when people stand up, together. It's on us as legislators to listen to these voices and come together. Our success in pushing through Congress an end to the decades-old federal ban on research into gun violence is an important first step in turning their movement into action.”

Rep. Murphy is Vice Chair and Rep. Curbelo is Co-Chair of the Congressional Future Caucus, the only bipartisan group of young legislators under age 45 in Congress focused on next generation leadership and policy issues, organized by the Millennial Action Project.