Senator Ryan Fattman

Massachusetts millennial engagement initiative, SENATE CO-CHAIR (R)

Ryan Fattman was elected to the State Senate on November 4, 2014 after serving two terms in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and two terms as a selectman in the town of Sutton. He is the first Republican to win an election to the Worcester- Norfolk Senate seat since 1938, when Dr. Wilfred Bazinet was elected from Webster.

In running for the Senate, Ryan vowed to bring Massachusetts in a new direction; away from the “Taxachusetts” mentality that drives people and jobs to other states, and toward a Massachusetts that is more accountable and affordable.

In the State Senate’s first day in the 189th Session, Senator Fattman offered a further amendment to increase transparency in votes taken on Beacon Hill. The Fattman amendment mandated that all recorded votes taken in a senate committee shall be posted no later than 48 hours on the General Court website.

In his first term in the Senate, Fattman hopes to help tackle the rising costs of electricity prices, increase energy abundance in Massachusetts to help drive down energy costs for residents and businesses, eliminate public benefits waste and fraud, and increase local aid service money for education and public safety.

As a member of the House of Representative, Fattman maintained a 100% voting attendance record over his four year career. He currently has a 100% attendance record in the State Senate. Born and raised in the town of Sutton, Ryan married his high school sweetheart Stephanie (current Worcester County Register of Probate). Ryan and Stephanie reside in the town of Webster since their marriage in May 2013.